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Many people have asked what inspired us to call the place “Sadie and Frank’s”. Sadie and Frank are the names of my Gran (on my mum’s side), and my Uncle (on my dad’s side). Both were larger than life characters and both influenced me (and my siblings) as we grew up. And simply, I miss them.

They both possessed a spirit of fun and adventure, which is something we aim to provide at “Sadie and Frank’s here in Ogmore by Sea. Here’s a brief introduction to them:


Sadie - My maternal grandmother.

nShe was feisty, funny with, truth be told, a bit of a mischievous sense of humour on the sly.

Although she couldn't cook for toffee she always, always made sure her shoes matched her handbags which matched her gloves. She never left the house without powder and red lipstick.

She had a great social life and enjoyed a bit of sport - in her younger days(!) she enjoyed cycling and was a regular golfer at Gleneagles.

Sadie would be 102 years old now and despite her advanced years, if she was still with us she would have been the first down the slides!


Frank - My paternal uncle.

Frank1Frank was a quiet, intelligent, knowing soul, a dapper dresser and just a bit mischievous!

Not much phased Frank, and he was always up for an adventure.

He used to make violins in his spare time. Of course, he was no Stradivarius, however, he still impressed me! He also made wooden trinket boxes and cabinets using materials he found in skips. Waste not, want not – an early advocate of recycling and upcycling. Or a tight Scot. You decide. I’ll tell you about the false teeth another day…

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